A 7-month mentorship program was created to enhance Master’s in Dietetic Internship (MS/DI) students’ leadership skills. The MS/DI (n=16) students participated in monthly discussion-based meetings and, in pairs, mentored senior Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) students (n=30). Before and after the program, MS/DI students completed a leadership skills survey and self-reflections. The DPD students, at the mid-point and end of the program, completed assessments of their MS/DI mentor’s skills and abilities and provided open-ended responses towards the strengths and areas of improvement for this program. The MS/DI students’ self-perceptions of their leadership skills were statistically significant at the beginning and end of the program for Inspire a Shared Vision (p=0.003) and Enabling Others to Act (p=0.003) with higher leadership scores higher at the end. As indicated by their self-reflections, the MS/DI students were receptive to the mentorship program; collectively they understood the importance and wanted it to continue. They suggested including discussions about teamwork and diversity/inclusivity. The DPD students indicated that their mentors had good mentorship abilities and that they felt more confident towards career prospects. The only suggestion was to start this mentorship program earlier. Overall, this mentorship program had positive impacts on both DPD and MS/DI students.