Place-based learning adapts curriculum to the unique characteristics of a particular place. This study sought to evaluate student perceptions of a place-based online introductory nutrition course (OINC) to determine the benefits and identify opportunities for improvement. Students enrolled in an OINC offered across three semesters completed online mid and end of course surveys. Closeended responses were tallied and open-ended responses were coded and common themes identified. Approximately half of students agreed that the integration of place positively influenced their interest in nutrition with over 70% viewing it as beneficial. Discussion Posts, PowerPoint/video lessons, and the incorporation of additional supplementary material accomplished the place-based material integration the best. Addressing technical issues was the main suggestion for improvement. Integration of place-based content with nutrition was positively received. Place-based content allowed students to make deliberate connections with their daily lives. Instructors should consider the benefits of integrating place in course delivery.