The purpose of this study was to show how school-based agricultural education (SBAE) complements the philosophies and practices of Education Nation and the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Education Nation touts the importance of common core standards, industry ties, college and career preparation and com¬munity involvement. Using qualitative content analysis, four researchers reviewed journal articles, meeting pro¬ceedings, magazines, texts, agricultural education doc¬uments and Education Nation media outlets to conclude that agricultural education espouses the principles put forth by Education Nation. Reviewed literature was clas¬sified into four categories representing important parts of the SBAE program: influential philosophers, teaching methods/approaches, FFA and supervised agricultural experience (SAE) programs. After reviewing journal arti¬cles, meeting proceedings, magazines, texts, agricul¬tural education documents and Education Nation media outlets, researchers found that agricultural education’s use of individualized instruction, innovative teaching methods, community involvement and career and col¬legiate preparation embodied the beliefs of Education Nation. Agricultural education’s use of the three-circle model of classroom instruction, FFA and SAE provides an example for the implementation of Education Nation’s principles in real––world classroom settings.
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