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Volume 59 - Number 3, September 2015
1   September 2015 Issue
  Miriah Dominguez

2   NACTA Cover - Front
  Miriah Dominguez

3   NACTA Officers 2016-2016
  Miriah Dominguez

4   NACTA Info /Table of Contents
  Miriah Dominguez

5   Agricultural Safety and Health Education: Practices, Attitudes, and Needs of Iowa Agricultural Educators
  J. Rudolphi, M.S. Retallick

6   Understanding How Research Experiences Foster Undergraduate Research Skill Development and Influence STEM Career Choice
  Erica Odera, Alexa J. Lamm, Levy C. Odera, Mary Duryea and John Davis

7   The Feasibility of Implementing an Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapy Curriculum into Higher Education
  Calyn M. Colston, Alyx M. Shultz and C.A. Shea Porr

8   Internationalization of Programming at New Mexico State University
  J. O’Halloran and B. Seevers

9   Associations between Learner Interaction and Achievement in an Online Course: A Longitudinal Study
  Greg Miller

10   Forestry Students’ Global Perspectives and Attitudes toward Cultural Diversity
  Jerry L. Bettis, Sr. and W.H. McElhenney, Brenda M. Allen, Colmore S. Christian

11   Social Media and Equine Science: The Effect of LinkedIn on In-Class Engagement of Equine Higher Education Students
  Elise A. Lofgren, Alyx M. Shultz and C.A. Shea Porr

12   Student Blogs and Journals as Assessment Tools for Faculty-Led Study Abroad Trips
  T.L. Douthit, S.L. Schaake, M.R. Hay McCammant, D.M. Grieger and J.M. Bormann

13   College of Agriculture Faculty Perceptions of Student Skills, Faculty Competence in Teaching Areas and Barriers to Improving Teaching
  Shannon M. Blickenstaff, Kattlyn J. Wolf, Jeremy M. Falk and John C. Foltz

14   Undergraduate Students’ Perceptions of Academic Advising
  M. Suvedi, R.P. Ghimire and K.F. Millenbah, K. Shrestha

15   Evaluation of Undergraduate Equine Related Internship Experience by Students and Employers
  K.P. Anderson

16   Flipping the College Classroom for Enhanced Student Learning
  A. Barkley

17   Model to Augment Critical Thinking and Create Knowledge through Writing in the Agricultural Social Sciences
  H.R. Leggette, T.A. Rutherford and D.W. Dunsford

18   In-Class Experiment Assesses Empathy for International Hunger and Poverty
  Nathan P. Hendricks and Krystal Drysdale

19   NACTA Reprint – June 1972
  Dixie S. Jackson

20   2015 NACTA Teaching Tips/Notes
  Miriah Dominguez

21   NACTA Conference Report
  Miriah Dominguez

22   NACTA Membership Form
  Miriah Dominguez

23   NACTA Committee Members
  Miriah Dominguez

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