Volume 58 - Number 2, June 2014
1   June 2014 Issue
  Miriah Pace

2   NACTA Cover – Front
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3   NACTA Info/Table of Contents
  Miriah Pace

4   A Descriptive Study of High School Agriculture Teachers Competencies in Swaziland
  Sandile B. Ndwandwe and Barnabas M. Dlamini

5   Repeated Monitoring of Forest Plots: Evaluating the Accuracy of Student Scientist Data
  Nicholas E. Fuhrman and A. Christian Morgan, Carolyn A. Copenheaver and John A. Peterson, Milton G. Newberry, Sarah G. DeLoach and Saskia van de Gevel

6   Instruments for Characterizing Instructors’ Teaching Practices: A Review
  Clinton D. Stevenson and G. Keith Harris

7   Professional Development Needs of Instructors of Online Swine Science Courses
  Brent Bjelland and Greg Miller, Margaret Sprecher

8   A Model of Faculty Cultural Adaptation on a Short-Term International Professional Development Experience
  Nathan W. Conner, T. Grady Roberts and Amy Harder

9   Graduate Teaching Assistants’ Sense of Teaching Self-Efficacy in a College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
  J. Poore, C.T. Stripling and C.A. Stephens, C.M Estepp

10   Effect of a Soil Microbial Activity Laboratory on Student Learning
  Chip Appel, Karen Vaughan, Ben Swan, Mike Wallace, Craig Stuber and Priya Verma

11   Veterinary Students’ Use of Crib Sheets in Preparing for Learning and Reducing Stress
  Catherine M. Vogelweid, Tracy Kitchel and Amber H. Rice

12   National Survey of Study Abroad Programs Conducted in Asia Using the Food and Agriculture Education Information System (FAEIS) Database
  Anupa Sharma, Mary A. Marchant, Eric A. Vance, Eric P. Smith, William W. Richardson and Lisa S. Hightower

13   Narrowing the Gap between Academia and Practice through Agroecology: Designing Education and Planning for Action
  K. Eksvärd, L. Salomonsson, C. Francis, G. Tesfay and Z. Abraha, S. Tonny. Kiggundu and M.M.Nassuuna

14   A Comparison of Student and Professor Perceptions of Teacher Immediacy Behaviors in Large Agricultural Classrooms
  Christopher M. Estepp, Karla P. Shelnutt and T. Grady Roberts

15   Determining the Usefulness of an Advising Video for an Animal Science Department
  Stephanie McKenna, Jefferson D. Miller and Nancy Jack

16   NACTA Reprint – NACTA 1974
  Miriah Pace

17   Teaching Tips/Notes
  Miriah Pace

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