Volume 59 - Number 1, March 2015
1   March 2015 Issue
  Miriah Dominguez

2   NACTA Cover – Front
  Miriah Dominguez

3   NACTA Info/Table of Contents
  Miriah Dominguez

4   Recruitment and Training of Underrepresented Students in Nutrition: The HANDS Program Experience
  Nancy L. Cohen, Thony Tran and Paloma Suarez

5   A Synthesis of Mobile Learning Research Implications: Agricultural Faculty and Student Acceptance of Mobile Learning in Academia
  Travis L. Irby and Robert Strong

6   Qualitative Assessment of Pre-Healthcare Undergraduates’ Perceptions of Childhood Obesity to Inform Premedical Curricular Changes
  Natalie K. Cooke, Sarah L. Ash and Suzanne Goodell, Kelsey L. Wilson

7   Background Experience Affects Student Perceptions of the Livestock Industry
  A.L. Adams, G.A. Holub, W.S. Ramsey and T.H. Friend

8   Impact of a Service-Learning-Based Community Nutrition Course on Students’ Nutrition Teaching Self-Efficacy
  Natalie K. Cooke, Sarah L. Ash, John L. Nietfeld, April D. Fogleman and L. Suzanne Goodell

9   Factors Influencing Choosing Food and Agriculture Related STEM Majors
  J. Hegerfeld-Baker, S. Anand, L. Droke and K. Chang

10   Does Study Abroad Increase Employability?
  A. Harder, A. Andenoro, T.G. Roberts, N. Stedman, M. Newberry III, S.J. Parker and M.T. Rodriguez

11   Demographic Predictors of Critical Thinking Ability in Undergraduate Animal Science Students
  L.M. White, M.M. Beck, G. Birrenkott, P.A. Skewes and K.D. Layfield

12   Biodiesel: Awareness, Use and Perceptions of Students at Four U. S. Universities
  D.M. Johnson, D.W. Edgar and L.D. Edgar

13   Psychological Indices of Animal Judging Team Participants: Predictors for Development of Optimal Performance
  Michael C. Meyers, Anthony E. Bourgeois and Arnold D. LeUnes

14   Evaluation of a Blended Design in a Large General Education Nutrition Course
  H.J. Wengreen, M. Dimmick and M. Israelsen

15   Current Learning Styles of Undergraduate Animal-Studies Students in a 2-Year and 4-Year Degree Program
  C.J. Mortensen and A.C. Thoron, J.K. Miot

16   NACTA Reprint – NACTA 1965
  J. Wendell Stucki

17   Teaching Tips/Notes
  Miriah Dominguez

18   NACTA Membership Form
  Miriah Dominguez

19   NACTA Committee Members 2014-2015
  Miriah Dominguez

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