Volume 58 – Number 4, December 2014
1   December 2014 Issue
  Miriah Pace

2   NACTA Cover – Front
  Miriah Pace

3   NACTA Info/Table of Contents
  Miriah Pace

4   Enhancing Agricultural Leadership Education through the Inclusion of Entrepreneurial Principles and Practices
  Matthew M. Mars and Robert M. Torres

5   Student Academic Outcomes after Completing a First-Year Seminar
  J. Klatt and R. Ray

6   Preparing Students for a Diverse Future: Using Service-Learning for Career Training in Soil Science Community Outreach
  Sarah Smith, Seb Prohn, Liz Driscoll, Dean Hesterberg and Lucy Bradley, Julie Grossman

7   New Curricula for Undergraduate Food-Systems Education: A Sustainable Agriculture Education Perspective
  N. Jordan and J. Grossman, P. Lawrence, A. Harmon, W. Dyer and B. Maxwell, K.V. Cadieux, R. Galt, A. Rojas, C. Byker, S. Ahmed and T. Bass, E. Kebreab, V. Singh, T. Michaels and C. Tzenis

8   Students Develop Compost Management Skills through Experiential Learning
  R.C. Bott and E.L. Cortus

9   Gender Differences in Consumption and Perception of Local Produce among High School Students
  Kyle Colton Flynn, Jennie Popp, Sonja Hausmann, Jeremy Whisenhunt

10   Discovering Global Competencies of Agriculture Education Students through Reflective Journaling
  L. Sankey Rice, D. Foster and M. Miller-Foster, K. Barrick

11   Agricultural Experiences and Factors of Undergraduates Who Enroll in a College of Agriculture
  Benjamin G. Swan and Ann M. De Lay

12   Gender Differences in Economics
  Siew Lim, Cheryl Wachenheim, David Roberts, Linda Burbidge and Jeremy Jackson

13   A Descriptive Account of Factors Affecting Student Satisfaction in an Online Master’s Degree in Agriculture and Life Sciences
  B. Burbuagh, T. Drape and D. Westfall-Rudd

14   Skills, Knowledge and Abilities Employers Seek in New Professionals Entering Careers in the Fed Beef Industry
  K. Williams, T. Robertson and L. Kieth, Amanda Deal

15   NACTA Reprint – NACTA 1974
  Bruce W. Emmanuel

16   Teaching Tips/Notes
  Various authors

17   NACTA Membership Form
  Miriah Pace

18   NACTA Committee Members 2014-2015
  Miriah Pace

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