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Volume 59 - Number 2, June 2015
1   June 2015 Issue
  Miriah Dominguez

2   NACTA Cover - Front
  Miriah Dominguez

3   NACTA Info/Table of Contents
  Miriah Dominguez

4   Explanatory Factors for Benefits and Reasons for Undertaking Professional Development Activities by Senior Secondary School Agriculture Teachers in Swaziland
  Madonsela Thabisile and Barnabas M. Dlamini

5   Identifying Key Characteristics for Student Farm Successes through a National Delphi Study
  Stephen Ratasky, Michelle Schroeder-Moreno, Jay Jayaratne, Lucy K. Bradley, Julie Grossman and David Orr

6   Faculty Define the Role of Writing in the Social Sciences of Agriculture
  H.R. Leggette

7   Collaborative Analysis and Revision of Learning Objectives

8   Understanding Students’ Experiences in Writing-Intensive Courses
  H.R. Leggette and M. Homeyer

9   Communication Technology Training Beyond the University Campus: A Case Study of Skill Development in the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service
  Hayley Jernigan, Leslie D. Edgar, Jefferson D. Miller and Casandra K. Cox

10   Posting Horse Show Patterns Before Youth Show Creates Positive Experience for Youth and Adults
  Rebecca C. Bott and Abbie A. Schuring, David J. Denniston

11   Student Perceptions of Animal Use in Society
  K. Bennett-Wimbush, M.D. Amstutz and D. Willoughby

12   Engaging Student Teachers in Designing Ecopedagogy Learning Modules for Bali’s Subak Cultural Landscape
  Sang Putu Kaler Surata, I Gusti Agung Sri Rwa Jayantini and J. Stephen Lansing

13   A Case Study of Flow Theory in Pre-Service Undergraduate Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Education Students
  Michael W. Everett and Matt R. Raven

14   Impact of a Study Abroad Course on Students from 1862 and 1994 Land-Grant Institutions
  Kevin D. Gibson and Tamara J. Benjamin, Bridgett R. K. Chapin, Christian Y. Oseto and Anne M. Lucietto, Melinda M. Adams

15   Teacher Immediacy and Professor/Student Rapport as Predictors of Motivation and Engagement
  C.M. Estepp, T.G. Roberts

16   NACTA Reprint – June 1975
  Earl L. Butz

17   Teaching Tips/Notes
  Miriah Dominguez

18   NACTA Membership Form
  Miriah Dominguez

19   NACTA Committee Members
  Miriah Dominguez

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