Volume 58 - Number 3, September 2014
1   September 2014 Issue
  Miriah Pace

2   NACTA Cover – Front
  Miriah Pace

3   NACTA Info/Table of Contents
  Miriah Pace

4   Are there Differences in Academic and Social Integration of College of Agriculture Master’s Students in Campus Based, Online and Mixed Programs?
  Danielle E. Hammond and Candice Shoemaker

5   Case Study of Experiential Learning through a Training Model at the Science and Policy Interface: The National Animal Health Policy and Food Security Course
  David Tendo and Abel B. Ekiri, Margaret L. Khaitsa, William M. Sicho

6   Students’ Perceptions of an Agricultural Communication Lesson and an Experiential Learning Activity in Secondary Agricultural Education Classrooms
  Carley Calico, Leslie D. Edgar and Don W. Edgar

7   Service Learning in Natural Resources Classes: Measuring the Impacts on University Students
  Linda Stalker Prokopy, Rod Williams and Laura Bowling, Aaron Thompson

8   Perceptions of Food Safety Careers among High School and Community College Students in Rural North Carolina
  Clinton D. Stevenson, Caitlin M. Alberts and Lynette M. Johnston

9   An Analysis of a High-Impact Field Experience in Agriculture: Documenting Critical Thinking Skills through Reflection
  Summer F. Odom, Melissa Shehane, Lori L. Moore and Billy McKim

10   Fostering the Next Generation of Agri-food Entrepreneurs in Vermont: Implications for University-based Education
  David Conner, Florence Becot, Jane Kolodinsky, Sam Resnicow and Kate Finley Woodruff

11   Structuring a Distance Education Program to Attain Student Engagement
  T.J. Centner

12   Getting it to Click: Students Self-Perceived Critical Thinking Style and Perceptions of Critical Thinking Instruction in Face-to-Face and Online Course Delivery
  Nicole L.P. Stedman and Brittany L. Adams

13   Integrating Facebook into the College Classroom: Student Perceptions and Recommendations for Faculty
  Dan McCole, Michael Everett and Jennifer Rivera

14   Graduate Perceptions of Academic Advising in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the University of Idaho
  A. Touchstone

15   Compact Power Equipment Troubleshooting Training: Formative Assessment using Think-Aloud Pair Problem Solving
  Michael L. Pate and Caitlin Young

16   An Assessment of Visual Communications Pilot Curriculum in Arkansas Secondary Agricultural Science Programs
  Leslie D. Edgar, Don Edgar and Kristin Pennington

17   “A.S.P.I.R.E.” ACT Supplemental Preparation in Rural Education: An Initiative Designed to Bridge Deficits on the ACT College Entrance Examination
  Mindy Herman, Rachel Huffman, Kenneth Anderson and Jackie Golden

18   Teaching Tips/Notes
  Miriah Pace

19   2014 NACTA Annual Reports
  Miriah Pace

20   NACTA Presidential Remarks
  Miriah Pace

21   NACTA Membership Form
  Miriah Pace

22   NACTA Committee Members
  Miriah Pace

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