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The Murray Brown Leadership Award recognizes one member each year for a distinguished
and sustained record of NACTA leadership. 
Dr. Murray BrownThe award is named in honor of Dr. Murray Brown who served as president of NACTA in
1969-1970 and as secretary-treasurer from 1972-1999. Dr. Brown received the Teacher
Fellow Award in 1972, the Distinguished Educator Award in 1978, and a Distinguished
Service Award in 1999. Dr. Brown began teaching dairy science as a graduate assistant
in 1953 at Texas A&M, and served for 30 years as an administrator and teacher of animal and dairy science at Sam Houston State University. The award is supported by generous donations from NACTA members and family and friends of Murray Brown following his passing in 2005. 
Recipients of this award will be recognized at the Annual NACTA Conference with a plaque and a cash
award supported by the Murray Brown endowment.
Year Recipient Institution
Kevin Donnelly
R. Kirby Barrick
Jeanette Moore
Jean Gleichsner
Robert Stephenson
James McKenna
Wayne Banwart
Ron Hanson
Rick Parker
Marilyn Parker
Kansas State University
University of Florida, Gainesville
North Carolina State University
Fort Hays State University, Kansas
Fort Hays State University, Kansas
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg
University of Illinois, Urbana–Champaign
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Rupert Idaho
Rupert Idaho
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