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The Jack Everly Award was established by the NACTA Executive Committee in recognition
of Jack’s outstanding contributions to the NACTA Journal.
Jack C. Everly taught at the University of Illinois. In 1971, he received the E.B. Knight Journal Award and received the NACTA Distinguished Educator Award in 1984. Jack served 25 years as Associate  Editor (1971-74) and Editor (1974-96) of the NACTA Journal.


Year Honoree Institution
2017 Caula A. Beyl
Anna Adams
Elena G. Smith
University of Tennessee-Knoxville

2016 Shannon Blickenstaff
Jeremy Falk
John Foltz
Kattlyn Wolf
University of Idaho, Moscow

2015 Christopher Estepp
Karla P. Shelnutt
T. Grady Roberts
Sul Ross State University
University of Florida
University of Florida

2014 Sarah Sapp
Brian E. Myers
University of Florida

2013 Nicole L.P. Stedman
Brittany L. Adams
University of Florida

2012 Krishna M. Shrestha
Murari Suvedi
Eunice F. Foster
Ontario, Canada
Michigan State University
Michigan State University

2011 Mollie S. Aschenbrener
Robert Terry, Jr.
Robert M. Torres
California State University, Chico
University of Missouri
University of Missouri

2010 J. Ross Pruitt
Michael R. Dick
Daniel Tilley
Louisiana State University
Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma State University

2009 Judith M. Grizzle
Philip Snow
Cyndy Edmonds
Arnold M. Saxton
University of Tennessee

2008 Brian Briggeman
Shida Rastegari Henneberry
F. Bailey Norwood
Oklahoma State University

2007 R. Kirby Barrick
Linda C. Blascheck
University of Florida
University of Illinois at Urbana

2006 Brian E. Myers
James E. Dyer
University of Florida

2005 Brian L. Steward Iowa State University

2004 Shahrokh (Shah) Rahnema
Frank Jennings
Philip Kroll
The Ohio State University

2003 Kathleen Dodge Kelsey
S. Christian Mariger
Sebum L. Pense
Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma State University
Eastern Kentucky University

2002 Bryan L. Garton
James E. Dyer
Brad O. King
University of Missouri

2001 Shelly J. Schmidt
James S. Javenkoski
University of Illinois

2000 M. Susie Whittington Pennsylvania State University

1999 Rick D. Rudd
Matt T. Baker
Tracy S. Hoover
University of Florida

1998 Greg S. Miller Iowa State University Iowa State University

1997 Allen Zimmerman The Ohio State University

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