NACTA Workshop Guidelines and Call for Proposals

Workshop proposals are encouraged from NACTA members, NACTA committees, and the conference host institution. Committees have the option to co-sponsor a workshop with another committee but this is not required. The Educational Issues and Teaching Improvement (EITI) Committee will encourage a thematic workshop from the host institution each year. Workshops should emphasize participation, often with hands-on or problem solving efforts. Workshops usually have a narrow focus or interest that will appeal to a smaller audience. Workshops are to be 2 hours in duration.

All workshop proposals must have a workshop coordinator. The workshop coordinator will submit the workshop proposals, and work with the host institution planning committee on workshop logistics. All workshop speakers must be registered for the annual meeting.

Workshops are reviewed and selected by the EITI Committee and a representative of the host institution planning committee.


Workshop Submission

All workshop submissions must include the following information:


Submission deadline is February 5, 2018.

All workshops must be submitted at this website:  (Select “Workshop” as the type of submission.)
For inquiries, contact the NACTA Journal Editor,
Rick Parker, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Coordinators may also make a request for funds to support the workshop (i.e. used for travel for a speaker; shipment of equipment; printing of materials and shipping, etc.). The NACTA Executive Committee will determine if financial support is needed and will determine the amount to be awarded. The NACTA Executive Committee will determine if funding is to be allocated on or before the March Executive Committee meeting.